Financial assets & Tokenized Ecosystem

The ecosystem that powers the world's first community-owned media company

Multiple utilities

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Financial asset token + Cake rewards


Investor position into the F.A.T. Ecosystem. Earn profits from over 12 revenue streams

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Financial assets & tokenized Ecosystem

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Utility token for the community, Earn Passive income equally distributed to all holders

How It Works

  • Transactions happen every second on Fate, 0.5% Fee for subscriptions, nft purchases, tipping, and global trading

  • taxes get distributed to fatcake holders as well as fate holders, earn passive income on both sides

  • fatcake holders earn revenue from ads & other business profits as investors into the entire ecosystem

  • fate token holders earn percentage based dividends, equal share dividends, and ad/platform revenue from FROSTING SOCIAL

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Investor token

pays ecosystem revenue

holdings-based rewards

favors large holdings

15% transactional tax

large Passive income


Community token

pays ecosystem revenue

Fair rewards structure

0.5% trading fees

3% purchasing fee

7% Liquidation fee

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Stock Token

Leverage your money the exact same way banks do. By investing into the FatCake Token you are investing into a real business that will not only grow your investment, it will earn you a daily passive income at the same time.

10% of every buy or sell transaction goes toward rewards, which depending on volume are paid out as frequently as every hour. Our products and services are all designed to add additional liquidity and bolster token rewards.

75% of all revenue from the ecosystem gets returned to all FatCake holders based on your percentage of holdings.


15% Total Tax on all Transactions

  • 10% Redistribution

Redistribution occurs with a non-native token called Cake. Utilize your profits and rewards however you choose, without harming your initial investment
  • 3% Ecosystem

Development and maintenance of the ecosystem is limited to 3% of the transactions that occur in FatCake
  • 2% Liquidity Pool

Liquidity Pool is maintained by taxing all transactions by 2%. This allows the liquidity and value of the token itself to be sustained over time
Tokenomics are the taxes during transfer of the token. Similar to how the dollar gets taxed when paid to you from your employer

Pick Your Fate

Fate Token is exactly how it sounds, a multi-capable cryptocurrency within the F.A.T. Ecosystem designed to give investors the freedom of choice. Trade based on price action or invest for long term, and stabilized, passive income. 

Rewards are taken from each transaction and immediately deposited into a Cake pool, earning dividends on top of your reflections automatically. Investors can claim rewards once every week starting 7 days after your initial investment. Rewards auto-compound while being staked for the week, and the longer you leave them in, the greater they build.

If you liquidate any tokens within your pay week, you also relinquish your rewards for that week. The true meaning of choosing your fate


Innovation At Its Finest

  • 3% Purchase Tax​​

- 1% is Distributed to All Holders 
- 1% is Deposited into the Liquidity Pool
- 1% is Returned to the Ecosystem Rewards
  • 0.5% Transfer Tax

On all wallet to wallet transfers, platform payments, tips, NFT purchases, or subscriptions
  • 7% Sell/Liquidation Tax

Liquidation timer begins at the time of your initial purchase. For the first week, sales are taxed in accordance to the time held. See reference below:
Tax %