Frequently Asked Questions

What is the FAT Ecosystem?

Financial Assets & Tokenized Ecosystem 
The F.A.T. Ecosystem (FATE) was created to bring forth true passive income opportunities.

How can I make Passive Income?

Hold FatCake or Fate Tokens to earn passive income through investing, or make a profile on Frosting Social where creators can make content and keep 100% of their revenue!

What is FatCake?

Fat Cake Token is the token that claims ownership of the ecosystem. By holding FC Tokens, you generate dividends based on trading volume and business revenue

What is Frosting Social?

Frosting Social is the social media platform aimed to take on the likes of facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. By allowing users to earn passive income from their data and content, we can revolutionize the industry as well as create an unlimited job source

What is Fate Token?

Fate Token is the currency of the FAT Ecosystem. Utilize this token in a multitude of ways, gaming, subscriptions, payments, tipping, staking & passive income farming.

Liquidity Locks