Low-Fee Launchpad


  • 3 BNB Up-Front Fee to Use

  • 2% of Pre Sale Allocations

  • ZERO Tokens


  • Full Bot Protection

  • Easy-To-Use Interface

  • Custom Branded Launchpad

  • No Launch Hiccups

  • Saves Investors $$$

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Launch Tools

  • Set your Pre - Sale parameters

  • Whitelist - Only, Hybrid, or Public Pre - Sales

  • Track Pre - Sale Funding & Contributions

  • Track Contributors Through BscScan

  • See Statistics and Tokenomics

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We Don't Take ANY Tokens

Avoid the liquidation from the normal launchpads. Using other platforms incurs a 2% token fee that is sold after the token launches, allowing them to collect further profit from the token's investors

Fees to use the FatPad system include an up-front cost of 3 BNB, and a fee of 1% of the pre sale funding. The minimal fee is set in place to ensure the safety of the community, and the integrity of the token

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Premium Packages

Customizable Branding

Contract Audits & Pier Reviews
Verified Launches Through KYC

Marketing and Development Packages

No Bots. Ever.

Our system is designed to block the Web3 connections of bots and snipers, while also allowing the option of a queue system during pre sale. This allows investors to grab their spot in line, wait for their turn, and have the comfort of purchasing without restriction.

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